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Electrical Power

Have you ever thought about how it would be with out electricity??              
Well for one thing, you would not be reading this if there was not!!  
Now  we have it and will always will, so let's look at some
These fundamentals we will apply to pop up campers. I wrote this               cause I have seen a lot of questions on newsgroups pertaining to               power consumption on a pop up camper.

There is five items we should address:
Wire Sizing

Almost all pop up's use a voltage of 120 volts and can plug into
a 30 amp receptacle with a RV shore -line cord. This is normally
connected to a power converter that converts 120 volts to 12 volts
DC to operate lights and ect and even charges your RV battery.
In addition the converter contains normally 2 circuits of 120 volts
to operate your appliances and outlets. DO NOT ALTER THE
CONVERTER !!! I have heard of replacing the factory breakers
with twin breakers so they can get two more additional circuits.
I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS !! This will cause the converter to
produce heat and will call for a early retirement of you converter.
Most converters have a 20 amp and a 15 amp circuit to power up
your appliances. This will enable you to run 2 - 1500 watt heaters
and some small appliances. A 13,500 btu AC and small appliances.
One 1500 watt heater and water heater and very few small appliances.
YOU CAN NOT RUN 3- 1500 WATT HEATERS!! Just do your math and
you can figure it out. Amperage is the key to unlocking the capacity
of you pop up camper. Look at the following examples.

Divide your wattage by your voltage


1500 Watt Heater / 120 Volts = 12.5 Amps
1 ---- 1500 watt heater draws 12.5 Amps
This will work on either a 15 or 20 amp circuit.

2 ---- 1500 watt heaters draws 25 Amps
This situation you will have to run both on separate circuits.
One on the 15 amp circuit and the other on the 20 amp circuit.

3 ---- 1500 watt heaters draws 37.5 Amps
This application will not work !! Unless you add a new circuit.
Click on
                Add a New Circuit To Your Pop Up to find out how to do this.

Remember This ( Great Information)
1 Watt = 3.412 BTU's
            A 1500 Watt Heater = 5,118 BTU's
Wire sizing is another issue everyone should know.
15 Amp circuit use a #14 wire
20 Amp circuit use a #12 wire
30 Amp circuit use a #10 wire
Circuit breakers protects the appliance and ect. But the real purpose
of the breaker is to protect the wire size. (Example) A 30 amp breaker
on a #14 wire could cause the wire to heat up and cause a fire before
the breaker trips. Always protect your wire size with the proper
amperage breaker. This applies at home as well.

You can click on the Add a New Circuit To Your Pop Up , and it will show you detail information with pictures . If you are thinking about undertaking this project and have any questions, just e-mail me.