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Install Water Heater Under

After a few camping trips my wife mention how nice it would
be to have hot water with-in the camper. Well after looking into
this matter at RV dealers I was amazed at how expensive this
could be. Up to $600.00 !! Well my camper friends fasten your
seat belts, cause I am about to share a hot water heater installation
from start to finish with pictures and still maintain your original
water system for dry camping for under $200.00 !!! As an added
bonus to the installation, how would you like to add another
electric heater to your camper ?? You can with this install. My
camper has the capability to run 3- 1500 watt heaters plus hot
water heater!! OK friends here we go !!!!!

The first thing I had to do was to come up with a plan. I had to
find a water heater that was small enough that would fit. I was
lucky to a certain degree cause my camper which is a 99 Cheyenne
Coleman camper, had a front storage area with plenty of space.
Some of you may not have this space, so first consider where
you are going to locate the heater , and measure carefully. The
second thing to consider, was that I still wanted to maintain my
original plumbing and on board tank for dry camping.

The first thing I did after purchasing all of the components was
removing the sink so I would have access to install the mixing
faucet. I choose a 4" on center stems for the install. Cost of the
faucet was $19.00. I located it just to the left of the factory pumper
but the right side would work as well. This also gives you more
room to wash plates and ect. Sinks in most pop ups are small.
Just drill your holes and mount the faucet.

Your next step is to find a location to install your new heater.
On the Cheyenne Camper this is no problem if you can spare
the room in the front storage compartment. I have found the
compartment very useful and highly recommend it to any one.
Even with camping gear and the water heater, the tongue weight
is anywhere from 210lbs to 230lbs.

I located and purchased the water heater from Home Depot.
IT WASPERFECT ! The heater is a 2 1/2 gal tank with one
element rated at 1440 watts with a 115 volt 3 prong male plug in,
manufactured by GE. For your information the tank measures
13 1/2 " high and 9 1/2 " across and comes packed with a
mounting bracket.

I installed the mounting bracket with 1/4" #20 screws which
required four of them. To secure the heater to the bracket other
then what was recommended I used a nylon tie strap completely
around the heater and bracket. You will also notice I had
installed an electrical outlet next to the heater. The electrical
wiring is explained by clicking on the Add a New Circuit .
You have to go there, because there is a lot of information you
can use!!

Cost Of Materials

Water Heater
$ 19.00
$ 12.50
$  6.00
$  4.00
$ 25.00

Any Questions ?