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The Coleman Tech Page
Welcome to the Coleman Pop Up Camper Tech Page. Here I will be sharing hard to find information on Coleman Campers.

As I collect the information , I will be posting it here. The first thing I would like to address is the cables that lifts your roof.

One of the worst things to happen to you when you first start to set up at your campsite is to have a cable to snap while lifting the roof. You start to raise your roof and when the roof reaches about the half way mark you hear a loud pop or snap and one of the corners drops down. This can be a huge problem. Don't let this foul up your camping outing !! I have made an emergency support pole out of 3/4 inch electrical conduit and installed rubber feet on each end. The length can be different from one camper to the other. I recommend you make the pole a little short. When the roof is fully extended, back off two turns on the crank and measure from the roof to the camper shell. This pole will now help you to recable later. This pole stays on the camper at all times. Granted if this happens you will may need help to insert the pole between the roof and the body of the camper. You also may need help to lower the roof when you brake camp. But I have found that campers are the greatest people around and campers will help campers.

You can recable yourself !!! A WORD OF CAUTION. The cable length has got to be exact length as the other ones. You can take a piece of string and measure one of the other cables to get this measurement. You can purchase the cable from your dealer or you can find it at Lowe's or Home Depot plus all the connectors you need. They even have the crimp tool to install the connectors. The tool will cost around $11 or $14 . Just take your time and you can do it, and save a lot of money.

Just click on the file below and you will see the many assemblies Coleman has manufactured.

Coleman Cable Assembly

12 Volt Lighting Problems

Most pop up campers has 12 volt lighting which gives you the ability to dry camp when electrical hookups are not available. It is normally a trouble free system. The problems I have seen while camping and helped others to fix the problem has been mostly blown fuses located in the converter. I have seen one other problem 3 times and 1 time including myself, when the lights in the camper would not come on and all the fuses were OK ! This problem is usally located in the plug ends located on the outside of the camper. Make sure they are tight and with a secure fit. These little plugs will come loose. Check out the pictures below to help you to identify these plugs.

This plug is located on the
camper body

This plug is normally hidden under
the edge of the roof.