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Pop Up Helper Tips
I have decided to write this page to help all of the pop up campers with common and unpredictable problems that I have seen on newsgroups and also some that has happen to myself and my camping friends. I hope this area of the site will help you and as time goes along , I plan to expand this part of the site extensively. Each update will have a new tip. Like to thank everyone for your e-mail and if you know of anything you would like to see here just let me know. Please enjoy and like always your e-mail is always welcome.

Happy Camping Everyone !



A lot of us have become dependent on our electrical hook up to run our converter, air conditioner, toaster and anything that requires electricity. But then when it goes out you say "OH NO , WHAT HAPPEN", that's what happen to me on one of my camping trips.

It was a hot steamy night at 2:00 in the morning and the power went out. All the AC circuits went out. My first thought was to check the 30 amp GFI circuit breaker at the site. After checking, I found it had tripped . I tried to reset the breaker and the breaker would trip each time. So I went back into the camper and trip each of the breakers which was a 15 amp circuit and a 20 amp circuit. When I tried to reset the GFI this time it HELD !! I went back into the camper and reset the 15 amp circuit that powers up the coffee maker and the TV and guess what? NO POWER !! I then unplugged the air conditioner and reset the 20 amp circuit that powers it up and the GFI on the pole tripped !! STRANGE ! Yes it is ! Nothing plug in to either circuit, no power on the 15 amp circuit and the 20 amp circuit breaker tripped the GFI !!!! Opinion......... Bad Converter !!!

Most of you that have read my site knows that I have added an additional circuit to my camper. So with out trying to problem solve this problem in the middle of the night, I just plug my air conditioner into the added 20 AMP circuit and flipped the fridge setting to DC.

The next morning came and we decided to leave early so that I could pin point the problem down! As I was driving home I could hardly believe that the converter went out. We got back home and I removed the converter to check it out a little further. I plugged the camper into our RV plug and surprise !!!!!!!!!!! The camper had full power !!! I turn on everything and checked amperage draw, voltage, and ect, and could find no problem.


I called the campground and told them about it, and sure enough the GFI breaker was faulty. They called me back 3 days later !

If this ever happens to you never thank the problem is with in your camper. I agree that this was a strange problem the way it occurred but GFI breakers do go bad.

In my later updates on this site, I will be given details on how to install your on RV plug in at your home with back up generator. This was a great project I did back in March of 2000.