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The Magic of Mylar Blankets
Mylar "The Magic Material".
If you have not tried this on your tent ends you should !

The Mylar blanket evolved from an insulation material developed
for use by NASA in the Apollo program. Like the material used in
aerospace applications, this unusual blanket is aluminized plastic
film. It has many uses for outdoor enthusiasts because it is big,
waterproof, windproof, soil resistant, compact and weighs less
than 10 ounces. Cleaning of the material you simply wipe with a
dampcloth or sponge.

Super insulation is exactly what the name implies, an ultralight
material with very high insulation efficiency. The blanket material
is an aluminized plastic film laminated to a plastic film reinforcing
layer. This insulation material works because of its high heat
reflectivity. As high as 80% !! It can be used to keep heat away or
to keep available heat in, according to the circumstances.

Summer of 2001 is around the corner and the heat is coming.
I will be doing a lot of testing this summer with the Mylar blanket
which will include actual photos of temperatures. I will use a
digital temp gauge measuring outside temperatures and
temperatures 1" from the top of the tent end inside the camper.
Below is an example of a reading I took when the temperature
outside was 73.3 degrees in the shade. Sorry for the quality of the
picture, for I had the camera set incorrect. The next photos will be
a lot better.

Don't forget to visit often cause I will be updating this project
on a regular schedule.

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The thermometer was placed 1" from the tent end top on the inside of the camper. It was a very nice day with a air temperature of 73.3 degrees in the shade. But look at the temperature on the tent end. 89.1 DEGREES !! This was taken with out the mylar blanket installed on the tent end. Check back later when the temperatures rise and the difference of what this amazing blanket will do for you ! YOUR A/C WILL LOVE YOU !!

Blanket in Place. Notice clothes pins holding
it in place.
The large plastic clips works better.

Just finish a test and check out the temperature readings !!
Sorry I don't have a photo of the temp. gauge cause
the camera decided it had taken enough pictures
for a while and had to send it back for repairs.
Beginning temperature reading before blanket
was installed:
Air temperature in the shade:  84.0 degrees
Tent End temperature : 103.6

Time Lapse
Tent End
5 Min
15 Min
30 Min
45 Min
60 Min
At the end of the 60 min. period the other tent end
temperature measured at:
110.3 Degrees
A 22.9 Degrees Difference
This test was made with the A/C running in the camper.