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Installing Back Up Lights
For Your Pop Up
Its Friday and your work week has come to an end and you are hooking
up the camper. The problem is; it is late and you know it is going to be
dark when you get to your campsite. You arrive at the campground and
find your site and start backing up into the site, but can not see the trees
or any other thing behind the camper.

It can take you a long time to get that camper into the right position
without taking down trees, running over something or hitting something
you can not see !

Well campers take this worry away by installing backup lights on the
rear bumper of your camper. In fact the very next weekend after I had
installed my lights we arrived at the campground after dark. I started
to back up and turn these bad boys on. Some other campers was
standing around and the comment was; " Looks like a 747 is landing ! ".

This is one of the most useful assessories I have ever install on the
camper. It took me about 3 hours to install them on my Cheyenne
camper but may take more or less on other campers.

There are a couple of ways to connect the power source up. One
way is to connect the lights through your 7 way plug and using one
terminal for the backup lights and connecting them to your tow
vehicle back-up lights. The other way which I did was to simply
connect the power source up to my camper battery. I did this cause
a lot of time I need extra light . (remember I do a lot of fishing and
some times I get back to the campsite after dark). I installed a toggle
switch on the side of the camper to turn them on and off. This way
I can use them any time I need any additional light.

In this photo you can see that the lights are mounted on each side of the rear bumper slightly pointed to the outside of the camper. The lights are actually fog lights purchase from Wal-Mart for around $18.00.

This is a close up view of the light mounted on the right hand side of the rear bumper on the camper.

Notice the toggle switch mounted
on the side of the camper. You do
get out of the car to turn on the
switch for the backup lights, but
I usually do this to inspect the site.

Any Questions ?

Copyright  2001 Ó Pop Up Camping In North Carolina