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Gutters For Your Pop Up !!
(AC Run-off)

You read it right campers!! This is a handy little project that anyone
can do and will fit on most pop ups. You may have to modify it a little
for your application but once you have it up and working just pull up
a chair and watch it go to work. I showed it to some of our members
in the North Carolina Pop Up Camper Association and there comment;
" That darn thing works !!"

Go to any building supply and purchase a piece of 1 1/2" PVC plastic
pipe. You only need the thin wall stuff and not the thick wall. You can
cut any length you need (depends on your camper) . I have tried
different lengths so don't be scared to try different lengths. You then
take a jig saw and saw half way tru the pipe about 6 inches from the end.
The next step you just saw at the half way mark the length of the
pipe up to your first cut. Sand the edges and you are finished.

To use it, just slid the cut portion under the edge of the roof between
the roof edge and bunk end. YOUR AC RUN-OFF WILL FLOW RIGHT
INTO THE PIPE AND ONTO THE GROUND!!! One important thing
to remember is to when setting up the camper be sure you have the
camper set up where the water will run off the roof in the direction
of where you will be placing the pipe. This little of an angle will never
be notice in the camper !

IMPORTANT: Do not try to force the pipe under the edge cause it
can damage the tent roof if it is a tight fit. Mind was a loose fit and
even in a driving rain storm and 35 MPH winds it stayed in place.

Below are some pictures to help you with this project. Enjoy watching
it work and let me know how you like it! Happy Camping Everyone !!

This is what your gutter should look like after you finish cutting it.

This picture shows the gutter in place and working !!

You can even see the water dripping !

Gutter In Action !!

Have any Questions?
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