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Adding a New Circuit To
Your Pop Up
A Little Electrical Trick Anyone Can Do!

Most all pop ups are wired with a 30 amp plug in to power the
camper. Well when I decided to install a water heater I wanted
something a little different. Ahhhhh--- Got your attention !!!!!
I wanted to be able to run 3 Heaters if I needed them and the
water heater. I could not do this with the 30 amp factory plug
in, so this is what I did. Excited !!! OK here we go;

Have you ever been to the campground and plug that big old
plug in, and notice that there was another breaker beside the
30 amp breaker, and there was some receptacles beside it.
Well most campgrounds have them. So I decided to harness
the power of pop up camping !!

I installed another line and ran the line within the same area as
the 30 amp line. Now I have two plug ins !! A 30 amp and a 20 amp.

The new shore line enter the camper along with the factory shore
line. On the Cheyenne camper the converter is located under the
seat within the dining area. As seen in the picture the converter is
located to the right. To the left of the converter I installed 2 electrical
pop in boxes. The box on the left I will locate a single pole switch
with a indicator light. The box to the right of it I will install a duplex

This picture shows the wiring where the shore line is fed into the
switch box and the receptacle is fed from it. I use #12/2 with ground
to complete the wiring. From the switch I ran the wiring tru the
floor and up to the receptacle located in the storage compartment
to plug the water heater into. Under the floor I used seal tight with
90 degree connectors to protect the wiring.

Now here is the trick to the entire install. The switch has a indicator
light that will light when power is applied to the water heater. When
the switch is off, power is shut off to the water heater but the
receptacle remains hot at all times. With this receptacle you can
plug an additional heater into it and PRESTO you have a camper
with 3 heaters to keep you warm even in 15 degree weather !!! My
first test the outside temperature got down to 18 degrees and with
the heaters I had no trouble keeping the camper at a very comfortable
72 degrees !!! Yes , it does get cold in North Carolina!! If you don't
believe it just check out our photo album under North Carolina
weather. 2 feet of snow and a low temperature of 2 degrees!!

Do not try to run a heater and water heater with this install.
The circuit will not carry both. This is the reason for the switch.
When the switch light is on the water heater is on.

2- installed pop in electrical boxes

Wire coming into the camper

Wiring completed. Notice wiring going tru the floor to feed outlet in storage area.

Completed Project

Neat and very useful !!
Copyright  2001 Ó Pop Up Camping In North Carolina

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