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Projects and Information For
Your Pop Up Camper
Making Camping On The Road a Little Easier
You have reached the page that will link you to the many
projects I have undertaken on our pop up camper. I think
one of the fun things about owning a pop up camper is
adding, changing and customizing the many things to
make your pop up camper fit your lifestyle. From this page
you will find projects that are explained in simple terms
along with pictures. I hope the information is of great
help to you and if you have any questions please drop
a e-mail to me.

All Projects including writing and photos are copyrighted Ó 2001
by Pop Up Camping In North Carolina. Projects can be use for
non-commercial purposes, but copying for profit is

Understanding Electrical Power


Install Water Heater
For Under

Add a New Circuit
To Your Pop Up !!

The Magic
Mylar Blankets !

Outside TV
Installation !

Back Up Lights
Your Pop Up !!

You are Kidding !!
Gutters For
Your Pop Up !!
Hot Project !!

Insulating Your
Tent Ends!

Build Some
Circulating Fans
ForYour Tent Ends