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Insulating Your Tent Ends
Great for the summer and winter months

Another project off the drawing board ! I started this project in October
just before the winter months.

A lot of us have used the insulation material Reflectix to shield and reflect
the heat and sun from entering your pop up. I thought of this idea
cause we know how cold those bunk beds can get in the winter and
any help would be welcome. It would be very hard to use such as
Corning insulation cause of it just coming apart and making a mess.
So I used Reflectix , and stapled it to the bunk ends. It was very
practical cause it is about 1/4" in thickness with a bubble insulation
layer in between the two layers of aluminum.

After using the camper when the outside temperature was in the twenties I
can tell you that the bunk bed was warmer. The difference was no ways
as noticeable as if the Reflectix was used on top of the bunk ends,
but something is better then nothing. I will be posting my results for
this coming summer season. Below are the pictures of the installation.
It is very simple to do. The hardest thing is removing the mattress!

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