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Glad you decided to visit our campsite or should I say Our Dream
Project !

This project  took a lot of hard labor and we accomplished the project
in 10 weeks. We have always dream of having our own camping
lot but the real purpose was to share it with our friends when invited
and to introduce non camping friends to the wonderful world of
camping. Especially Pop Up Camping !

So sit back, relax, enjoy the photos and story and if you have
any questions or comments please e-mail them to us.

Our campsite is located on
Lake Royal, North Carolina

The property owners association offers all property owners
the following:

Maintenance staff
Boat ramps
Office staff
Boat docks
Secured gate entry
Swimming Pool
Police protection
Children Pool
Red Cross shelter
Tennis Courts
Playgrounds for children
Community center/lodge
Exercise room
Miniature Golf
Picnic Pavilions
Picnic areas
Volley Ball Courts
8 Comfort Centers
Dump Stations
Laundry Mats
Private Dump Site
Church services
Spring Bass Tournament
and More !

Now that you know a little about Lake Royal let us begin
our project from the beginning.
This is what we started off with. Weeds were 3 feet tall,
broken limbs all over the place, tick invested and a few
rotten trees.

The beginning stages of the clean up . It took us
two week ends just to get the lot to look like this.
On our lot the 5th wheel above was part of the deal. Really
it was free ! It is a 1973 Blazon and built like a tank. The
inside was like from the factory with just minor repairs but
the exterior was in store for a major paint Job.
The photo on the left was taken from the roof of the RV,
showing the lot cleared and cleaned up. Then we started
to lay in underground water pipe and electrical for
two pop up sites.
The power requirements was fairly extensive. The meter
base had to be moved cause the drop line was running
about 6 inches above the RV which was an unsafe matter.
The base was moved to the front of the RV. On the RV I ran
an 30 amp feed plus another 30 amp & 20 amp for future
expansion. Then I installed another 100 amp panel to
feed the 2 pop up sites with both 30 and 20 amp feeds.
Low voltage lighting then branch off from each site.
By being an electrician the dollar savings was great
on such of a design.
When designing the pop up sites, above all I wanted
level foundation pads to simplify the set up.
Below photos show our guest site foundation pads.

Our Fire pit

We are very please with our fire pit. A fire pit is a must have
item when you are camping. I took a 55 gal barrel and
cut the top out at 8 inches wide. Don't throw the other
end away ! Save it as a spare. Then we buried it into the
ground. Then we laid rock around the ring and use a little
concrete to hold the rock together. The grill rest on 4 rebar
holders which can be purchased at Lowe's for 49 cent.
Really works great ! Our next step was to surround the pit
with pebble rock. Don't the steaks look good cooking
over the fire ? Guess what? They were !!
Our next thing to add to the fire pit was seating
benches around the fire. They are position so that other
chairs and lounges can be position around the fire.

We just love our
fire pit !
We then turn our attention to the 5th wheel and gave
it a fresh clean paint job. We painted the 5th wheel with
Valspar Duramax gloss enamel by using an electric
sprayer. The paint works out great. Then we added the
lattice and flower planter and other landscaping
features on the lot as pictured below.
The planting of flowers and other plants I left it
up to Betsy. She can throw it on the ground
and it will grow.

Well the grass is growing, the flowers are growing and
even the tomatoes plants are taking off.  It was a lot of work
and we still have a few things we would like to do,
but for now we are going to just start doing some
very serious camping.

Now that you have seen our campsite and latest project,
we would like to share some photos of Lake Royal.

Beach Area
Boat Dock
Miniature Golf
Lake View
Horseshoe Pit

Volley Ball Court

How did you like our dream project ?

I will not post our total investment but if you e-mail us I will
forward it to you.

Later updates we will be featuring the inside of the
5th wheel.

Hope you enjoyed our latest project so until our
next project,